Women's Quarterly Strategic Biz & Life Workshop

 A 2-day Workshop for Clarity, Accountability, and Abundance

Date: December 7 & 8th from 4p - 6:30p Alaska Time Zone / 5p - 7:30p Pacific Time Zone / 8p - 10:30p Eastern Time Zone

Craft Your own 90-day Blueprint for Success! Walk away with a Solid Foundation, a Clear Vision, and a 90-day Actionable plan to achieve Your personal and business goals!

Women's Quarterly Strategic Biz & Life Workshop

 A 2-day Workshop for Clarity, Accountability, and Abundance

Date: December 7 & 8th from 4p - 6:30p Alaska Time Zone / 5p - 7:30p Pacific Time Zone / 8p - 10:30p Eastern Time Zone

Craft Your own 90-day Blueprint for Success! Walk away with a Solid Foundation, a Clear Vision, and a 90-day Actionable plan to achieve Your personal and business goals!

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Dear beautiful soul,


Lots of folks are throwing themselves into this crazy business world and it's causing a great deal of buzz and stress...



...Working day and night to get things done because you think you ‘should’.

...Setting Big hairy audacious goals with HIGH HOPES and not GETTING THE GROWTH that you wish for.

...Taking oodles of courses, one-size-fits-all strategies, and videos that are piling up and getting you nowhere.

...Lacking focus on achieving what you want in the next days, quarters, and years from now.

...Craving a Roadmap for systems, accountability, measurement of your performance, and financial gain.

...Neglecting your inner voice and guidance for solving obstacles you are facing.

...And getting lost or stuck in strange awful places.


Hear me…


If you are in constant overwhelm of hustle & bustle and feel unproductive or locked in an eternal rut...

If you set big hairy audacious goals with HIGH HOPEs yet it keeps you scared or intimidated about reaching your life and business goals consistently...

If you are sick of following so-called gurus with same-old tactics, trying all sides and angles, and STILL don't get the ‘secret sauce’ to unlock prosperity...

If you want to tap into your heart & inner voice to reclaim your ultimate potential, clarity, transformation, and final destiny…

If you are looking to reveal your very own unique step-by-step success plan to actually make realistic, significant changes SOON...

...If you are ready to shift FROM JUST SURVIVING A DAY to THRIVING in the next couple of days, months, and years.

Take me to the Details on the Workshop

If any of these sound true to you, then this is the most important letter you’ll read today…




What it would be like to RESET your life and MASTER the WHOLE OVERWHELM in just two days or less?

After creating her detailed Vision Map - Strategic Plan, Jennifer who already had a thriving business increased her revenue by 50% in 12 months.

What about gaining clarity, exceeding your Quarterly Goals and within a year having more quality time with your loved ones? 

And time for leisure fun and travel?



More than anything, imagine if your business works smarter for you so you could have more time to work on the business instead of in the business.

You can have this and MORE! You are invited to join us on December 7 & 8th for this amazing 2-day Virtual Live Workshop! 

Yes Please, I want IN!

Here’s what’s killing 99% of most entrepreneurs today...


Let's call them...

šŸ‘‰ Overwhelm

šŸ‘‰ Fear

šŸ‘‰ Uncertainty about the right social media channel for your business 

šŸ‘‰ Stress resulting from the use of multiple social media channels at once 

šŸ‘‰ Marketing your Business in a saturated online space

šŸ‘‰ Lack of time 


These are timeless culprits that have been HOLDING 99% of entrepreneurs from the path of achieving personal fulfillment, taking sustainable actions, and skyrocketing results. 

Take me to the Solution - Workshop Details Please!



You ignore...


Or don’t do anything about it...

Like most new and even experienced entrepreneurs do?

It’s easy to lay big and audacious plans in Your journals,

Write down to-dos on stickies,

But the endless rut of guesswork and working around the clock is costing Your mind and energy...

You rely on all kinds of meditation techniques,

Random guru advice,

One-size-fits-all strategies…


When You don’t have a detailed, realistic plan to follow to move the needle forward

You don’t have the clarity as to what, where, when to start and why they do what they do…

And HOW TO CONSISTENTLY REACH Your outlined goals, 


Most of all…

Ignoring Your heart’s whisper and listening solely to the voice of Your minds screaming for  full attention


Until one day, You wake up and ask yourselves...

“Why does nothing seem to work the way I planned it?” 

“Why can't I truly be free from the burden of responsibilities?”

"How can I escape this mundane work routine?"

 “If I just acted sooner, I wouldn’t have to work nonstop just to keep up with my to-do list, I wouldn’t feel guilty, running in all directions, and I would know how to grow my business effectively.  I wouldn't feel inadequate and back to square one….”


And You realize you'd give anything just to get out of the mess in Your life and dive right into Success and Fulfillment — You would know a new freedom from worry about time, and money.

Listen up, YOU’RE NOT ALONE…


Let me tell you something.

I know what it's like ...because I’ve been there.

Oh, and by the way, let me introduce myself…

I’m Tracy, Your Partner in Life and Business.

My Story?

 Just like you...

 I was fond of studying, and attempting to try the strategies that seemed to fit others…

At the back of my mind…

 “The way they are doing things works so well, so why not try it?”

Out of the blue, I followed them and hoped it would work miraculously for me...

However, I was honestly STUCK with the way I was doing things and getting overworked everywhere…

Do you know what the bitter truth is? 

Even though I was successful in getting a lucrative income and having clients flock to me, there is a void in my heart I know I couldn’t find elsewhere...

But when I found out there’s an EASY AND SIMPLE WAY for Clarity, Confidence, and Fulfillment.

A way to live an intentional and joyous life that is fulfilling.

I decided to develop strategies and systems allowing my business and life to grow.

Implementing accountability for reaching goals big and small has been a huge piece of my success.

This is where my burning desire to be a Life Coach and Business Consultant came in.

I am Ready for this Workshop!
After years of trying to find the right solution, I’ve developed a system that turned my visions into profits and began sharing enlightenment and vision workshops to empower hundreds of unmotivated, overwhelmed, and overworked entrepreneurs to unlock a world of possibilities and break free... 
I want the same!


If you would like to cut the learning curve and end the waiting game, fast-track your chances of success WITHOUT OVERHELM and CONSTANT  BACKBREAKING GRIND, take the EASIER, REALISTIC, SIMPLIFIED ACTION STEPS so you can build clarity, accountability, abundance and unstoppable confidence (so nothing stands against you),  Join...

Women's Quarterly Strategic Biz & Life Workshop

Live via Zoom December 7 & 8th from 4p - 6:30p Alaska Time Zone / 5p - 7:30p Pacific Time Zone / 8p - 10:30p Eastern Time Zone

What you receive in this 2 Day Action-Packed Women's Quarterly Strategic Biz & Life Workshop:


Your Investment: $227 Valued at $551 

Get the Early Bird Price Today  for $197 only


  •  Recreate Your Journey Through Your Very Own, Simplified 90-day Success Blueprint And Work At Your Own Terms With Focus And Balance

Know The Smart Approach for Breaking Down Your Plans Into Making It Happen Day By Day Without Overwhelm

  • Awaken Your Heart, Visions, and Intentions With Ease As Your Solid Foundation
  • Discover The Messages That Carry The Most Power For You That You Can’t Afford to Miss When Things Don’t Go Your Way

  • Understand Your Hidden Inner Voice, and What It Is Telling You, so You Can Take Your Life And Business In Its Best Direction
  • Meditate On How to Remain Calm and Secure Your Peace in the Hardest of Times
  • Learn ONE Unpopular SWITCH to face inner criticism, self-doubts, overthinking, and self-imposed belief systems (and become the fearless visionary you are!)
  • Be Accountable For Your Goals (for maximizing your productivity and ditching the procrastination trap)
  • LIVE Meet Up With Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs for friendships, networking, and exciting opportunities. 
  • Supercharge Your Creativity and Imagination with Our Fun And Interesting Activities

Past Participants Experiences…


Moved To A New Location | Found Love | Started Listening To Her Inner Voice For Direction Instead Of Others | Realized Her Self Worth | Found A hobby That Enriched Her Life | Expanded Business and Started a Second Business

Exceeded Quarterly Goals | Felt Calmer and More Confident | Let Go Of What Was No Longer Serving Her l Learned Techniques To Help Her Be Organized Her Business

You're Always One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life


Now it's time for you to decide

 And the way I see it, you ONLY have 2 options. 





If you’re crystal clear about meeting your outlined goals, do it every day to make it come true and you know exactly when it will happen. If you’re already happy and content with working under pressure to get every task done and putting your sanity at risk just so you see what works. You want to spend a lifetime trying to figure out the magic formula to abundance without ever having to speak with someone who has experienced it. You can do it alone and don’t need someone who will understand, carry your burden together, and help you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. If you want to take 3-10 years of research, development, and intensive training to achieve the freedom and balance that you want, then click the exit button right now. If you know what, when, who, and why you want to be a success, you don't need this workshop since you can have it all together with the way you are now.




You know that what works for others may not work for you so you strive to get the best possible results for your business. While you may feel uncertain about your future, you believe there’s always MORE to learn and fix in your present situation. You’re not afraid to try a different approach and reconnect with your inner self deeper. When it comes to asking for help, you do not hesitate to reach out and learn from people who have been through what you are going through and are now living the financial, business, and life success you’re dreaming about. Now that you’re ready to finally try something new, do the inner work to achieve the best results that you want... I want you to know that you are exactly where you need to be. This is perfect for you.

Option 2 Please


And it doesn’t stop there…


You can also STEAL A LIFETIME ACCESS TO these bonuses:

āœ… 1 Hour Transformational CCP - Calmness, Clarity & Prosperity Webinar Valued at $297

āœ… 5 Tools for the Balance Beam of Life and Prevent Burnout Valued at $127

āœ… Self-Sabotage Be Gone Tool Kit Valued at $127



I Want IN!

Ever wish you could change your reality in the next couple of months? Years? Lifetime?