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Alaska Tracy Podcast is a podcast for you on business/marketing tips and tools as well as inspirational success stories. Thank you for listening and remember to click the subscribe button!


Valiant Vitality - Reprogramming your Inner & Outer Self with Amy Gernaat

Season #1 Episode #65

In this inspirational episode, I get the chance to talk with Amy Gernaat, who is the founder of Amy G Vitality Coaching and Mentorship at the Vitality Coaching Academy. To connect with Amy, you can reach out to her...
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A Place to Call Home Life After Foster Care with Stacey Huish

Season #1 Episode #64

In this episode, we are going to get to know a true story about determination, hard work, and positivity. Stacey Huish’s story is one of a kind about making connections through more than four hundred people. I can...
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#62 ~ 30 Minutes Can Change Your Life with Kathe Downs

Season #1 Episode #63

In this episode, I talk with Kathe Downs, owner-operator of LX FIT CAMP, an Online fitness coach. Her story is full of inspiration and motivation and I’m sure you want to learn more about how she became a coaching...
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Episode 38 A Life & Business with Intention

Season #1 Episode #36

“Live your life on purpose.” —Crystal Paine With the help of an amazing community and mentor in my life (and a super supportive husband), the new business logo and tagline is completed! The logo that was in use in...
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