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Alaska Tracy Podcast is a podcast for you on business/marketing tips and tools as well as inspirational success stories. Thank you for listening and remember to click the subscribe button!


#52 ~ Improve Your Health through Acupuncture with Brian Yelverton

Episode #53

Interactive Health Alaska has been helping to heal me off and on for years! I first went to see (owner) Chiropractor Leslie Morris for a knee injury. Leslie and Weston Hopkins (licensed Chiropractor) helped to relieve...
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#51 ~ A Charging Moose Opens the Doorway to Surrender

Episode #52

Fear can actually propel us to live a life beyond our wildest dreams if we are willing to embrace the fear.  This episode is all about one of the most fearful events that happened to me five months ago.  This event...
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#50 ~ Business & Spirituality with Tandy Wallack

Episode #50

This is a special episode for Alaska Tracy Podcast, Episode #50, and, with my dear friend and mentor Tandy Wallack!  Tandy shares her amazing journey as a successful business owner and how spirituality plays a part...
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#49 ~ Keep Moving Forward with Richard Ralston

Episode #49

What a thrill to interview my current accountability coach Richard Ralston!   I met Richard in a course I took to create and grow my membership site. Visions to Profits, a Women's Success Community.  Women seeking...
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#48 ~ Open the Door to Inner Peace with EFT/Tapping

Episode #48

What an honor to interview Dawn Pensack.  She shares her story of how she arrived in the business she has today and how she has achieved inner peace.  Dawn attributes her success to the people in her business and life...
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#47 ~ Measuring Fitness Through Happiness

Episode #47

Measuring Fitness Through Happiness What a gift to talk to Carlo and Jaclyn Pastena about fitness, business, structure, and a positive mindset. Carlo is the owner of Carlo’s Crew LLC here in Anchorage, Alaska, and...
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#46 ~ Structure Equals Freedom with Helen McGlynn

Episode #46

What an honor to interview Helen McGlynn and to discuss the topic of structure. Helen is the owner of The Baby and Newborn Photography Network She is also a Mom, Foster Mom, and has been a business owner since...
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#45 ~ Steph Essary's Story of Hope & Inspiration

Episode #45

Steph’s story is one of hope and inspiration and it was an honor to interview her! You will want to hear her wonderful story. Steph shares about being a Mom of 5, a Real Estate Profession, and recreating herself and...
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Nichol's Story of Business, Obstacles, Success & Community- #44

Episode #44

There are few things that move me more than hearing how someone is taking actions, growing, and transforming. What an honor to interview Nichol and hear her story. She shares about her Vision, taking actions, a big...
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5 Minutes Before the Miracle #43

Episode #43

Have you ever switched paths right before you were going to reach your goal? You know that feeling, you have created a workable plan and have started taking actions.  Then, things start to get 'messy' and negative...
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#42 Mel Savage The Career Happiness Evangelist

Episode #42

Welcome to Episode #42!  Mel and I were taking a course to enhance our business offerings and met at the end of the course conference in Toronto! Mel Savage is a Career Happiness Evangelist and CEO of The Career...
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#41 Goals, Values and Spending Alignment

Episode #41

Do you know your numbers?  I meet with clients all the time who have no idea of their profits and losses from month to month.  It took me a long time to understand the importance of knowing my numbers in business....
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