Episode 38 A Life & Business with Intention

Season #1 Episode #36

“Live your life on purpose.” —Crystal Paine

With the help of an amazing community and mentor in my life (and a super supportive husband), the new business logo and tagline is completed!

The logo that was in use in the past was geared toward social media marketing which the company was helping businesses with from 2011-2016. In 2016 the business shifted to Vision Mapping, essentially helping business owners to create an intentional 12-month plan for success. It blossomed into workshops, retreats, working with management teams and women’s retreats, all with a common purpose: to guide businesses and individuals through a detailed system I created over my 20 years as an entrepreneur.  This system is a visually written plan with actions, accountability, and success tracking. It serves as a compass to achieving the desired results.

The finished product (compass) is strategically built so that when life happens, the specifics, e.g., dates, times, who, what, when, where, and how will encourage one to get back on the path to success.  What happens along the way is often said to be transformational. Often fear arises,, which is essentially what had blocked the person from moving forward. Once we work on walking through the fear, the transformation can begin!  This system works 100% of the time when completed. That being said, often the results are beyond one’s wildest dreams. An example: I worked with a management team . . . taking them through the system. We worked on their Vision Map for 4 weeks.  Eight months later they are number one in their industry throughout the country! It is proven that when you take a vision, put it on paper, and line out the steps to get there, the chances of reaching that vision are 98% higher than only thinking about the vision.  A mind-shift happens when writing, discussing with another person and then being held accountable. I have seen it work in my life and others over and over. It is thrilling to watch people’s lives and businesses change!

Are you struggling with reaching your Visions/Goals? Too busy working in the business than on the business? Let’s have a consultation for free to see if my system is right for you and or your company. Click Free Consultation.  

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 The team here at Alaska Tracy has been busily at work updating the website and logo, and we’re close to unveiling a new online course and accountability program!

 Alaska Tracy’s primary purpose is to serve others, and she chooses to do so through her Vision Mapping technique. She calls upon her 21 years of marketing and business experience to create this unique Vision Mapping method.  Alaska Tracy looks forward to watching your Visions become your Reality. Tracy’s career is structured solely around guiding people, businesses, and organizations to achieve clarity and greatness.

Did you know that almost everyone dreams? How about you? Do you have spectacular ideas about how your business will succeed?  Are you wanting to grow, to move forward with these dreams in business and in life, yet have no idea where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed with your business? Let’s have a conversation! Let’s talk! Click and schedule your 20-minute free call today! P.S. You can be anywhere in the world: I have you covered! I also do work with management teams and can customize a workshop and/ or retreat for your association, group, or business team!

Let me know your needs and how I may help you create your customized Vision Map to guide you to your success!

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