#41 Goals, Values and Spending Alignment

Episode #41

Do you know your numbers?  I meet with clients all the time who have no idea of their profits and losses from month to month.  It took me a long time to understand the importance of knowing my numbers in business. Numbers tell the truth. They tell us if we should proceed with the business or shut the doors. 

I had been in business for several years, owned my own home and met my husband, Bobby. I came flying in the door one day and proceeded to tell him how awesome I was! Ha! I said, look how much I made this month as I showed him my PNL (profit and loss statement) from my bookkeeper! I increased by $2000! I was overjoyed.  Bobby, who is a CPA, is very business savvy. He did not miss a beat, he pointed to the number on the bottom of the sheet, the NET and said no you didn’t, look what you spent. You spent this amount, therefore you made less than last month. I was SHATTERED . . . and guess what? I did it again with him until I was able to calm down and have him show me how the PNL actually worked. I will never forget that period in business (and our marriage)!

In this episode, I interview Carenna Willmont, CFO at Willmont Financial.  Careena shares the story of how she came to be exactly where she is at today and how she helps others to understand the importance of finances. Carenna takes it a step further and discusses goals, values, and spending alignment. She helps businesses to design their accounting systems incorporating her background in neuroscience.   She works with the bookkeeper, accounting team, and management to create a budget based on the direction the company wants to go. She has developed a system called Service Leadership to help companies make adjustments to save money, gain clarity, and serve the company in their best light. Carenna believes in putting people first. 

What a fantastic insightful interview with Carenna.  Listen in to hear how she has taken one company from 7 to 9 million! Carenna is a breath of fresh air, and it was an honor to interview her! 

To read more about Carenna and her services: www.willmontfinancial.com Sign up for a free call and see how Carenna can be of service for you in your business!

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