#42 Mel Savage The Career Happiness Evangelist

Episode #42

Welcome to Episode #42!  Mel and I were taking a course to enhance our business offerings and met at the end of the course conference in Toronto! Mel Savage is a Career Happiness Evangelist and CEO of The Career Reset.  Mel is the host of The Career Reset Podcast, where her goal is to build a happier world by empowering people to create happiness in their careers. Side note, I had the opportunity to be on her amazing podcast!

 Mel spent 20+ years in the Corporate trenches working with companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, General Motors and Ford, working both in Canada and the UK where she spent 1000s of hours honing her knowledge of how career happiness does and doesn’t work.  

Her mantra is You can achieve whatever you believe. So believe something spectacular.

Mel is a good ol' Canadian gal who is fun, apologetic, and earnest. She is now a Corporate Career Coach inspiring others to believe and achieve greatness! 

Mel's story is one of deciding to leave the corporate world, taking lots of courses to find her purpose, stumbling and being enlightened in the process, doing the hard work necessary to create her business, and BELIEVING in herself! She is inspired by this quote from Steve Jobs, "You can not connect dots looking forward.  You can only connect them looking backward.  So you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in the future."

  If you're stuck and want to figure out your next career move, then take Mel's FREE 8-Day Quick Start Mini-Course at thecareerreset.com/makeyourmove   Also, subscribe to The Career Reset Podcast thecareerreset.com/podcast  It's your One-Stop-Shop career management support system.   Connect with Mel FACEBOOK PAGE: facebook.com/thecareerreset IG: instragram.com/the_career_reset LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/in/melsavage     Offerings My membership program: The Ultimate Career Reset Link: thecareerreset.com/membership (image for the link is attached)   FREE 30-min Strategy Session where we can talk about what's going on with you and brainstorm the right next move for you - you can set that up by going to thecareerreset.com/chat   As always, SUBSCRIBE, comment and please share this episode! Thanks for listening today!