#48 ~ Open the Door to Inner Peace with EFT/Tapping

Episode #48

What an honor to interview Dawn Pensack.  She shares her story of how she arrived in the business she has today and how she has achieved inner peace.  Dawn attributes her success to the people in her business and life that she is accountable to.

As a former, stressed-out teacher, Dawn left the classroom to figure out how to heal after burnout and a few mysterious illnesses.  Finding EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was the catalyst for her healing and after finding health and peace again, Dawn became trained and certified and is on a mission to bring EFT to as many people as possible. Dawn is passionate about helping people find alternative ways to stay healthier and happier. In her spare time, Dawn loves reading, chai lattes, and spending time with her family. When it’s not muddy or icy, Dawn can be found exploring new trails with her horse, Chinook, or enjoying time outside.

EFT is a powerful tool to help with stress and illnesses.  After this interview, I shared with Dawn something in my life that has been troubling me and she gave me an EFT session. I had never done EFT and continue to use her techniques to help calm my soul. It works! Curious? Check out her YouTube channel loaded with goodness to help personal and inner peace. 

Finding an accountability group to work with weekly has been instrumental in her growth.  The group focuses on coaching, mentoring, and cheerleading each other without shaming, however, they push each other constructively.  Voxer has been a great go-to that they use throughout the week to help each other to keep moving forward. The group communicates so that true openness is allowed and setting personalities aside is essential.  Because of this, each member has made massive progress. 

May this interview help you seek the calmness that you desire in your business and life. 

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