#50 ~ Business & Spirituality with Tandy Wallack

Episode #50

This is a special episode for Alaska Tracy Podcast, Episode #50, and, with my dear friend and mentor Tandy Wallack

Tandy shares her amazing journey as a successful business owner and how spirituality plays a part in every aspect of her life including her business. 

I met Tandy almost 22 years ago and she offered me the gift of mentorship. I had no idea at the time of our meeting how instrumental Tandy would become in all areas of my life. The very first thing I learned from her was how to trust another and ask for help.

Tandy guided me with Grace to take actions that would lead me to leave a career-making oodles of money to start my first business. I was single and had just purchased my very first home at the time. Trust, work, and love helped me take this leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship 20+ years ago. Tandy has been instrumental in all of the businesses and in my life throughout the years. 

Her story is one of service to others, meditation, prayer, and allowing the Universe, God, whomever Power outside of yourself you choose to believe in to guide and direct all decisions. This trust often allows one to end up in an area you never would have even considered going with amazing miracles.

May you be inspired, awed, and moved to take courageous actions by listening to Tandy's story.

To connect with her you can visit Circumpolar Expeditions

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