#56 ~ The Facebook Group Queen & Class Clown Sandra De Freitas

Episode #57

Sandra De Freitas is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional who helps entrepreneurs grow, engage, and monetize online communities. She has had her hands in over 300 Facebook Groups, been part of 6 and 7 figure launches, and been an online entrepreneur for 16 years! Sandra is a wealth of knowledge in the tech space and used her knowledge to become known as The Facebook Group Queen.   Sandra shares her story and journey of entrepreneurship including making the decision in 2005 to start her first business. With oodles of hard work and determination, she was able to quit her full-time job in 2006 to start WP Blog Sites. As an entrepreneur, Sandra was willing to do what was necessary to make this work. She fearlessly reached out to leaders in the digital space to offer her expertise which gained her tremendous respect and knowledge.   Sandra's hard work and perseverance led her to the creation of her second business (and where I met her), Groups for Entrepreneurs. Sandra was growing two businesses and also starting a family. A true entrepreneurial spirit!  Sandra says, asking questions from her community and listening to what they were telling her is the key to growing her membership and Facebook Groups. This still remains true today.   Sandra's story is one that is fueled by hard work, determination, and inspiration. May you be moved to keep growing towards your dreams and goals.   Connect with Sandra at: www.EngagedGroups.com and https://www.facebook.com/groups/GroupsForEntrepreneursWithSandra   Thank you for listening and subscribing to this episode. As a thank you, please enjoy this free Marketing Essentials Toolkit