#58 ~ Accelerate Your Business Growth, with Gregg Roesch

Episode #59

Today I had the opportunity to interview my (little) brother Gregg Roesch, co-owner of GT Supplies.

My brothers and both their wives are business owners and I thought it would be a good inspirational story to share how Gregg and Todd (my older brother) created a business starting 23 years ago by painting dumpsters. Their business, GT Supplies has grown to a company of 36 employees with many different services within the company.  Refurbishing dumpsters being the largest service offered.  

The reason I wanted to interview Gregg was to hear how Gregg and Todd took a small idea and created a large corporation. They sought out opportunities in their community to fulfill the community's needs. Starting out in business or looking to create a business, we often get wrapped up in the 'romance' of business thinking we have to be passionate about what we are doing from our core. Passion is great and if there is not a need for your passion, you have no business.  Finding and fulfilling a need can open the doors to opportunities and allow you to live a lifestyle spent enjoying your passions. In Gregg's situation, his family! 

As an essential service, GT Supplies hasn't missed a day. They continue to reorganizing and communicate in different ways to keep the company growing under all situations. Structure, safety, organization, communication, and stability have been and are the key to longevity with employees and clients.  

Gregg says there are always opportunities if you look for them. That being said it is important to stay mindful of the company's mission. It is easy to say yes to so many opportunities and start to lose focus. Saying no is an option and regrouping to define what is best for the company long term is an important part of growth. 

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