#62 ~ 30 Minutes Can Change Your Life with Kathe Downs

Season #1 Episode #63

In this episode, I talk with Kathe Downs, owner-operator of LX FIT CAMP, an Online fitness coach. Her story is full of inspiration and motivation and I’m sure you want to learn more about how she became a coaching fitness expert. You can learn from her how to look at obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Kathe insists on living in gratitude and expends 5 minutes during each of her online classes which is 6 days a week sharing motivation and inspiration.

Kathe is Reiki Level 1 certified and her backstory is one of overcoming obstacles by sharing inspiration.

Kathe was available to pivot from being a gym owner to, literally, over a night creating an online fitness coaching business. And I’m thrilled for you to hear Kathe's story.

I believe Kathe can help empower you to be the best version of yourself, by showing up for yourself 30-minutes a day.

Kathe helps her clients experience and see, that the power of change is in you, no one else. Kathe took the path of fighting for herself, her children, and her business. Literally overnight, she changed everything. Her business is now accessible to everyone who wants and needs help. Covid came along and she never thought about closing her doors. Instead, she pivoted her business online. 

Being a single mom was a  challenge, but not for Kathe when she decided to put all her energy into doing what she loves the most, exercise and helping others.

Maybe hearing her story can give you some clues about what to do if you are in the same situation, or turning an obstacle into an opportunity.

Fighting for what you want and love can be really painful if you have to change or remove things in your life, but if it is for the best, and it's a good start in moving forward.

Kathe is available to help your mind, body, and spirit.  No excuses! Put yourself first and make a commitment with yourself. You can teach yourself how to be happy.

Being successful is not about how much do you have, is about giving, and helping others to change their lives for the better.


4:34 Where did you start out?

12:40 How do you keep moving on when you did not want to?/ How to get out of the darkest place you were in?

23:32 Excuses? Why put that as an obstacle?

24:50 Commitment or just show up for yourself?

26:22 Why loving Mondays is a way to start over every week?

27:35 Retirement? Is that in your project?

35:28 Success, how do you define it?

Want to connect and know more about how Kathe can help you? Go to LX FIT CAMP and feel free to private message Kathe.

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