A Place to Call Home Life After Foster Care with Stacey Huish

Season #1 Episode #64

In this episode, we are going to get to know a true story about determination, hard work, and positivity. Stacey Huish’s story is one of a kind about making connections through more than four hundred people.

I can assure you that this story is going to make a big impact on your life, routine, and the way you see things. Just listen to Stacey and let her contagious positivity move you.

Stacey is a woman that had the vision of making things different for kids. Determination is in her veins, that's for sure. Since 4 years of age, she knew for sure what her purpose was. Stacey is A Speaker, Educator, Author, and Lover of Life!

Stacey built two businesses to help both kids and women. And this story is nothing but enlightening. She made the commitment to helping foster boys and women to succeed in life.

Stacey visualized and created the movement 1000 Ripple Effects and it’s the start to changing lives.  Her need to help kids was and are stronger than not doing anything at all, hence the creation of 1000 Ripple Effects. It’s the little things in life, one person starts, another comes to help, and that's the beginning of journeys that change and impact lives. 1000 Ripple Effects is about gathering people and encouraging them to do the same as her, take one step to help by being a part of this project one by one.

“We need to understand that if we are helping people, fostering kids, we can’t just stop at some age, we need to support them, help them, and most importantly guide them through being loved and cared for.”

The other piece of this project is helping women.

By helping women, Stacey learned more about something that almost every single woman thinks is “normal" to feel. Endometriosis. But let me tell you, discovering something on your own without having a clue, is scary, and more so if you don’t understand anything about what it is. 

By sharing her experience, she is helping others to tell their stories, about illness and about how to keep a check on your health. 

Sometimes we need to share our experiences to give others the strength to do the same. That’s how we help each other, and that’s how Stacey is doing it.

The first step is to not rely on anybody but yourself. Be your own advocate. You can do it.

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3:50  what’s her story?

6:52 what did your parent think about your vision at an early age?

7:30 when did you Start gathering people?

8:18 how do you put everyone together in?

12:30 being 18 makes you an adult? Or is it just a number?

16:36 ripple effect in a relationship