Valiant Vitality - Reprogramming your Inner & Outer Self with Amy Gernaat

Season #1 Episode #65

In this inspirational episode, I get the chance to talk with Amy Gernaat, who is the founder of Amy G Vitality Coaching and Mentorship at the Vitality Coaching Academy. To connect with Amy, you can reach out to her via her Facebook page Amy Gernaat/ Amy G Vitality, or email [email protected]

In some magical way, the universe brought us together and Amy has been professionally helping me grow and develop not only my connection with food but assisting me with my business, relationship advice, vitality, and wellbeing. 

This motivational superwoman has overcome a number of life obstacles before realizing that the nutritional and accomplished lifestyle she now leads, is the one she wants to share with others. Amy shares her expertise with me from her home in Texas where she discusses the adjustments that we can all make to live a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Amy’s passion for vitality stems from health rather than body image. From a young age, Amy dealt with health issues relating to digestion and mineral deficiencies where her body struggled to absorb nutrients. In her adult life, Amy experienced menstrual issues, digestion problems, daily headaches, and continuous sinus infections, which she would treat with over-the-counter medicine. 

After a number of doctor visits, Amy was misdiagnosed with anxiety and after several health scares, Amy decided to take matters into her own hands by changing her diet. Her discoveries highlight the way that our modern health systems can barricade the way we are naturally meant to feel, live and exist. The easy access to prescription medication can overshadow the simplicity of vitality and natural goodness that has the ability to transform lives. 

After three months of living Gluten-Free, Amy had dropped 25lb and eliminated her headaches and sinus infections. With this new lease of life and a huge transformation in such a short space of time, Amy went back to school where she studied to be a holistic nutrition consultant, adding functional nutrition and nervous system regulation to her expertise. By discovering the correlation between food and the impact it has on illness, Amy started her coaching adventure in 2014 and now runs a thriving consulting business. 

Extreme stress can have a tremendous, detrimental effect on the body. Amy draws upon her own personal experiences that manifested into a horrible illness that robbed her of 2.5 years of her life after a bout of suppressed emotions. This period of her life lay the foundations of having vitality. Amy was forced to be still and listen to her body, but to also question and understand her body was really asking of her. 

Whilst food has a substantial impact on overall health, Amy goes on to stress the importance of food being a “supplement”, a tool that coincides with other lifestyle changes. Food is not the whole answer and should not be seen as a pill to fix the problem. By understanding who we really are, and listening to what our body really needs, Amy’s work exemplifies the concept of ‘choice’; the internal decisions one makes when deciding that enough is enough…that time and energy are needed to renovate our physical beings and for us to thrive during our time on this planet. 

For people to understand the core essence of who they are, we need to deconstruct the obstacles or emotional burdens that get in the way. The disconnect between the inner and outer self can create dysfunction and block the vitality needed to transform. By bringing the physical and mental together, the body will guide itself towards understanding the core of who we are which will pave the road for the future. 

Amy is just rolling out the “Art of Feminine Vitality” monthly membership from July 2021, alongside her Foundations Programme which is a 6 week, 1-2-1 program. There is also her Vitality Academy Coaching or deep-dive format mastermind which is ideal for Entrepreneurs or business people with burnout or misaligned goals.  

Amy’s objective is not to create health, but to create vitality. Each person is unique and has their own system of learning. The idea is to strip down the layers and install new hardware and new software so we operate differently, and more successfully than how we did before.

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03:44 How did you go to where you are today/ what was your childhood like? 

05:15 How did you feel about your body growing up? 

08:06 What did you do after high school? 

09:58 And then? 

16:20 When were you starting your business? 

17:07 How Tracy and Amy met. 

23:28 Amy’s health crisis explained 

35:12 How do you define success?