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In this inspirational episode, I get the chance to talk with Amy Gernaat, who is the founder of Amy G Vitality Coaching and Mentorship at the Vitality Coaching Academy. To connect with Amy, you can reach out to her via her Facebook page Amy Gernaat/ Amy G Vitality, or email [email protected]

In some magical way, the universe brought us together and Amy has been professionally helping me grow and develop not only my connection with food but assisting me with my business, relationship advice, vitality, and wellbeing. 

This motivational superwoman has overcome a number of life obstacles before realizing that the nutritional and accomplished lifestyle she now leads, is the one she wants to share with others. Amy shares her expertise with me from her home in Texas where she discusses the adjustments that we can all make to live a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Amy’s passion for vitality stems from health rather than body image. From a young age, Amy dealt with health issues relating to digestion and mineral deficiencies where her body struggled to absorb nutrients. In her adult life, Amy experienced menstrual issues, digestion problems, daily headaches, and continuous sinus infections, which she would treat with over-the-counter medicine. 

After a number of doctor visits, Amy was misdiagnosed with anxiety and after several health scares, Amy decided to take matters into her own hands by changing her diet. Her discoveries highlight the way that our modern health systems can barricade the way we are naturally meant to feel, live and exist. The easy access to prescription medication can overshadow the simplicity of vitality and natural goodness that has the ability to transform lives. 

After three months of living Gluten-Free, Amy had dropped 25lb and eliminated her headaches and sinus infections. With this new lease of life and a huge transformation in such a short space of time, Amy went back to school where she studied to be a holistic nutrition consultant, adding functional nutrition and nervous system regulation to her expertise. By discovering the correlation between food and the impact it has on illness, Amy started her coaching adventure in 2014 and now runs a thriving consulting business. 

Extreme stress can have a tremendous, detrimental effect on the body. Amy draws upon her own personal experiences that manifested into a horrible illness that robbed her of 2.5 years of her life after a bout of suppressed emotions. This period of her life lay the foundations of having vitality. Amy was forced to be still and listen to her body, but to also question and understand her body was really asking of her. 

Whilst food has a substantial impact on overall health, Amy goes on to stress the importance of food being a “supplement”, a tool that coincides with other lifestyle changes. Food is not the whole answer and should not be seen as a pill to fix the problem. By understanding who we really are, and listening to what our body really needs, Amy’s work exemplifies the concept of ‘choice’; the internal decisions one makes when deciding that enough is enough…that time and energy are needed to renovate our physical beings and for us to thrive during our time on this planet. 

For people to understand the core essence of who they are, we need to deconstruct the obstacles or emotional burdens that get in the way. The disconnect between the inner and outer self can create dysfunction and block the vitality needed to transform. By bringing the physical and mental together, the body will guide itself towards understanding the core of who we are which will pave the road for the future. 

Amy is just rolling out the “Art of Feminine Vitality” monthly membership from July 2021, alongside her Foundations Programme which is a 6 week, 1-2-1 program. There is also her Vitality Academy Coaching or deep-dive format mastermind which is ideal for Entrepreneurs or business people with burnout or misaligned goals.  

Amy’s objective is not to create health, but to create vitality. Each person is unique and has their own system of learning. The idea is to strip down the layers and install new hardware and new software so we operate differently, and more successfully than how we did before.

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03:44 How did you go to where you are today/ what was your childhood like? 

05:15 How did you feel about your body growing up? 

08:06 What did you do after high school? 

09:58 And then? 

16:20 When were you starting your business? 

17:07 How Tracy and Amy met. 

23:28 Amy’s health crisis explained 

35:12 How do you define success?

In this episode, we are going to get to know a true story about determination, hard work, and positivity. Stacey Huish’s story is one of a kind about making connections through more than four hundred people.

I can assure you that this story is going to make a big impact on your life, routine, and the way you see things. Just listen to Stacey and let her contagious positivity move you.

Stacey is a woman that had the vision of making things different for kids. Determination is in her veins, that's for sure. Since 4 years of age, she knew for sure what her purpose was. Stacey is A Speaker, Educator, Author, and Lover of Life!

Stacey built two businesses to help both kids and women. And this story is nothing but enlightening. She made the commitment to helping foster boys and women to succeed in life.

Stacey visualized and created the movement 1000 Ripple Effects and it’s the start to changing lives.  Her need to help kids was and are stronger than not doing anything at all, hence the creation of 1000 Ripple Effects. It’s the little things in life, one person starts, another comes to help, and that's the beginning of journeys that change and impact lives. 1000 Ripple Effects is about gathering people and encouraging them to do the same as her, take one step to help by being a part of this project one by one.

“We need to understand that if we are helping people, fostering kids, we can’t just stop at some age, we need to support them, help them, and most importantly guide them through being loved and cared for.”

The other piece of this project is helping women.

By helping women, Stacey learned more about something that almost every single woman thinks is “normal" to feel. Endometriosis. But let me tell you, discovering something on your own without having a clue, is scary, and more so if you don’t understand anything about what it is. 

By sharing her experience, she is helping others to tell their stories, about illness and about how to keep a check on your health. 

Sometimes we need to share our experiences to give others the strength to do the same. That’s how we help each other, and that’s how Stacey is doing it.

The first step is to not rely on anybody but yourself. Be your own advocate. You can do it.

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3:50  what’s her story?

6:52 what did your parent think about your vision at an early age?

7:30 when did you Start gathering people?

8:18 how do you put everyone together in?

12:30 being 18 makes you an adult? Or is it just a number?

16:36 ripple effect in a relationship

In this episode, I talk with Kathe Downs, owner-operator of LX FIT CAMP, an Online fitness coach. Her story is full of inspiration and motivation and I’m sure you want to learn more about how she became a coaching fitness expert. You can learn from her how to look at obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Kathe insists on living in gratitude and expends 5 minutes during each of her online classes which is 6 days a week sharing motivation and inspiration.

Kathe is Reiki Level 1 certified and her backstory is one of overcoming obstacles by sharing inspiration.

Kathe was available to pivot from being a gym owner to, literally, over a night creating an online fitness coaching business. And I’m thrilled for you to hear Kathe's story.

I believe Kathe can help empower you to be the best version of yourself, by showing up for yourself 30-minutes a day.

Kathe helps her clients experience and see, that the power of change is in you, no one else. Kathe took the path of fighting for herself, her children, and her business. Literally overnight, she changed everything. Her business is now accessible to everyone who wants and needs help. Covid came along and she never thought about closing her doors. Instead she pivoted her business online. 

Being a single mom was a  challenge, but not for Kathe when she decided to put all her energy into doing what she loves the most, exercise and helping others.

Maybe hearing her story can give you some clues about what to do if you are in the same situation, or turning an obstacle into an opportunity.

Fighting for what you want and love can be really painful if you have to change or remove things in your life, but if it is for the best, and it's a good start in moving forward.

Kathe is available to help your mind, body, and spirit.  No excuses! Put yourself first and make a commitment with yourself. You can teach yourself how to be happy.

Being successful is not about how much do you have, is about giving, and helping others to change their lives for the better.


4:34 Where did you start out?

12:40 How do you keep moving on when you did not want to?/ How to get out of the darkest place you were in?

23:32 Excuses? Why put that as an obstacle?

24:50 Commitment or just show up for yourself?

26:22 Why loving Mondays is a way to start over every week?

27:35 Retirement? Is that in your project?

35:28 Success, how do you define it?

Want to connect and know more about how Kathe can help you? Go to LX FIT CAMP and feel free to private message Kathe.

Sarah Michael, an expert in feminine leadership and founder of Sparkling Results Coaching, shares with us her secret to high-ticket sales: taking masculine and feminine energies from romantic relationships and bringing them into the business world. With an extensive background in marketing and business, Sarah shares her experience of moving from bankruptcy work in NYC to coaching mission-driven entrepreneurs. To connect more with Sarah, go to

Sarah Michael’s secret to high ticket sales can be broken down into two parts: masculine and feminine. Just like the energies we have in romantic relationships, Sarah teaches us all about how using these powers in your business can help you walk away with real money and create a lifestyle for yourself, rather than a workstyle.

As an expert on feminine leadership and founder of Sparkling Results, Sarah helps entrepreneurs find high-ticket clients by being their quirky, brilliant self and using what she calls “Feminine Sales Power.” Having escaped a town where careers seem limited for the business-capital of the US (NYC), Sarah found meaning in her career after working with a Business Coach who introduced her to using the m/f energies in business. After facing a major setback, Sarah learned how to take care of herself and roll with whatever came her way… which eventually led her to a huge transformation.

If you find yourself doing too much in your business, having trouble narrowing down the words you should say to make the sale, or if you’re struggling with owning the value and transformation that your business provides, you just might be the perfect candidate for Sarah’s Workshop on Feminine Sales Power - coming June 2021. To find out more about Sarah and her Workshop, visit


2:20 Why Sarah decided to leave the beautiful Aspen, CO

6:00 The Roadmap: from Bankruptcy Work to Coaching

12:10 Feminine Sales Power

12:51 Why the Feminine Survival Instinct holds women back

14:16 The Set-Back and Transformation

25:02 Who Sarah Helps

27:22 Workshop on Feminine Sales Power

28:54 How Sarah Defines Success

And if you’re a woman in business looking to connect with others in your exact shoes - whether that be nursing an idea, getting things started, or even if you’ve been in business for years - we would love to have you join us in the Women’s Success Community Facebook Group Come grow your network, kick off your business, and become the successful business woman you’re ready to be.

In this episode, I talk with Speaker, Author, and Consultant Eric Schwartzman on his new book, The Digital Pivot - Secrets of Online Marketing. If you’re someone who wants to learn how to move your business online, Eric shares some invaluable tips that you won’t want to miss: from growing his own company and getting big-name customers, to outsourcing a business, and the 4 steps to online business success. For more information on Eric and to grab a copy of his book, you can visit or

If you are looking to move your business online, struggling to get the ball rolling, or you’re ready for some next-steps you can use right away, listen to the success story about a man whose business has taken him from Hollywood to Microsoft to backstage at the Grammys.

Eric Schwartzman, Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Digital Marketing Extraordinaire shares all about his new book, The Digital Pivot - Secrets of Online Marketing, and gives us a peek into his successful career. From his film school beginnings, Eric shares his experience of discovering his calling as a Marketer, how he was able to grow multiple businesses and how he became an authority in the marketing world. Eric walks us through how he wrote his first book, and why writing and publishing the second one was much different the next time around.

Helping small businesses find success online is what Eric is all about. He generously shares some of the secrets he used to help many online businesses, as well as his own, such as using sequencing to accelerate your business and when and why you should outsource the work you do. You can hear all that and more in the episode, but you’ll get every secret from his book:

The Digital Pivot - Secrets of Online Marketing is the perfect book for the general business owner who’s ready or currently working on moving their business online. This book offers a “full overview” with clear explanations and hands-on strategies you can use immediately. You can hear a few of those strategies right here! Check the timestamps below. 

Eric is truly an inspiration, and it was an honor speaking with him. In just 32 minutes together I learned more than I thought possible about finding success online. 

To learn more, visit his website at and grab his book at

Divine intervention is how I met Clara Rose. Clara and I are involved in a large Social Media Group together and I asked a question, what topic would you share if you were asked to be on a Podcast interview?  I had over 300 answers and was drawn immediately to Clara. Turns out, Clara was born and raised in Alaska and now lives in Florida and I moved to Alaska from Florida! Throughout the interview, we learned we have many more interests and I think you will find Clara fascinating and helpful especially if you are writing a book (or looking to write a book). 

Clara is a Literary Consultant and Influence Strategist with Intentional Influence. She is the founder of Influence University and the Influence Builders movement, and Chief Editor with RoseDale Publishing. Clara works with those who want to write, speak, and lead, to cultivate their influence and generate more leads, for their business, ministry, cause, or brand. Clara Rose is the creator and host of the popular show, Influence MATTERS.

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