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Vision Mapping and Meditation Retreat

Everyone dreams, but not everyone makes those dreams their reality.

Did you know that almost everyone dreams? How about you? Do you have spectacular ideas about how your business will succeed? Are you waiting for that to happen, or do you think taking active steps to bring your dreams into reality would be better? Alaska Tracy has been there, and worked out methods to help others dream even bigger. And succeed. Her key tool is Vision Mapping.

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The New, Unique Way Of Vision Mapping You Haven’t Experienced Before

This year, Alaska Tracy will be hosting the Guided Vision Mapping Retreat. Located in remote Seldovia, Alaska, one of Alaska’s most beautifully majestic seaside towns. Your Guided Vision Mapping Retreat serves as a city escape and soul-searching experience, all in one place. If you’ve been looking to explore your dreams and desires and make them a reality, this is the year to finally take the required action steps to reach them.

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