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Tracy Roesch Williams brings over 20 years of business experience, from being a customer service rep for an airline– she’s lived in Boston, Savannah, and Orlando, plus many little towns in between to making Anchorage, Alaska her home.

She began her entrepreneurial experience in Alaska by working in radio as an account executive, being the Developmental Directory for the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, and then launching a popular mobile dog wash, Rub-A-Dub-Dog. Six years later, she went on to earn a real estate license. Then she went into business for the next five years, selling residential real estate. During her business journeys, she discovered that her passion revolved around helping others in business. So, factor in years of familiarity with numerous types of businesses  facing and overcoming obstacles in her own business ventures, and you have the structure and heart for helping other businesses learn social media marketing to grow their own businesses: Alaska Tracy.

What happens when businesspeople face profit loss, lack of growth, and just plain confusion? It’s not a pretty picture, unless they brainstorm with someone like Alaska Tracy.

A gifted communicator, Alaska Tracy helps small business owners, CEOs, and organizations  increase their profit margins by doing the following:

  • Building and shaping - creating and defining your mission using Vision Mapping

    • Realization: creating CLEAR, tangible action steps that can be implemented

    • Maintenance: Systems to measure results and accountability systems to help keep you on track

  • Clarifies existing business goals

  • Develops customized business strategies

  • Revamps, recreates, and repurposes existing business goals (when necessary)

  • Supports the need (when necessary) to re-organize in order to build a dynamic, energetic team

  • Teaches (one-on-one or group) delegation, task management, marketing, networking, efficiency, team building

  • Speaks at conventions, conferences, community events, retreats

  • Brightens and heightens her clients’ businesses

And the key benefit? Alaska Tracy is goal oriented, charismatic, creative, insightful, tenacious, forward thinking, and has a solid work ethic. New and troubled businesspeople seek her out. Her clients say things like, “Her laser-sharp insights into multimedia, her unbounded energy, her relentless drive to simplify, clarify, and take the next action – all come together in one powerful package.”  

You can email Tracy at: [email protected]


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