Welcome to the Inner Compass Business Mastermind


Alaska Tracy's Inner Compass Business Mastermind is invitation-only.

This is designed and tailored to 4 to 6 business owners looking for massive results and commitment to reach that next level of clarity for peak performance results. 

This is a 3-month commitment. For business owners looking to expand, add staff or contractors, pivot to the next level, stop working in the business and create time to work on the business, increase marketing, newsletters, grow an email list, achieve realistic goals with a plan and system for success.



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Benefits of the Inner Compass Mastermind:


✔ Create an impact when communicating with staff, colleagues, and in personal relationships.

✔ Become skilled at managing projects.  

✔ Address challenges, opportunities, and difficulties. 

✔ Design practical solutions to remain focused and stay your course. 

✔ Define clear goals and actions to reach and or exceed your goals.

✔ Learn mindset tips and tools from Speakers and Coaches for growing and maintaining peace of mind

✔ Training provided for business, marketing, development, finances, (and those that the individuals identify as we move forward over 90-days).

Meet your Executive Life Coach, Tracy Roesch Williams


As an Executive Life Coach and Business Consultant, Tracy uses her 20 plus years as an entrepreneur to guide you on your business success journey. 


Her extensive background in marketing, business development, real estate, networking, and consulting combined with Executive Coaching offers you opportunities for digging deep, exploring obstacles, stretching and learning systems and tools for tremendous breakthroughs in your business and life.

I am about ready to launch my life dream and Tracy has been a huge part of getting me through roadblocks, clarifying my vision, and identifying my resources. I highly recommend her.

- Katie B.

Working with Tracy has allowed me to shift my mind and enjoy incredible growth including an increase in business within one year over 50%.

- Jennifer M.

Inner Compass Mastermind Commitment

 ✔ 1 sixty-minute 1:1 Inner-deep dive Coaching Session with Tracy per month.

✔ 1 thirty-minute live mindset coaching per month (with Alaska Tracy and guest coaches, recorded).

✔ 1 sixty-minute Live Coaching / Training Session per month (recorded with Alaska Tracy and Guest trainers/coaches). 

✔ Access to Inner Compass group chat.

✔ Access to Private Inner Compass Membership Platform.

✔ Worksheets, Google Docs, Monthly Course Material for Completion on due Dates

These 3 months will be tailored to your needs for maximum growth and results.


Start Your Inner Compass Journey today and experience a new Freedom and Happiness tomorrow!

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