Ready to make 2021 your BEST year?

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain and you are ready to surrender and start living your best life, this Vision Mapping Women's Virtual Workshop is for you!


"One of the most incredible things about Tracy is she is authentic, real and motivated to inspire and help others humbly and devotedly. She opened my eyes immensely to my vision of being in business for myself through her vision mapping process."

Leigh Ann Page

"After doing some vision mapping with Alaska Tracy, it is clear to me that there is not a time for much else. The cool thing about mapping is that I can see what else has to get done, and what I need to delegate."

Sonya Maria Funaro-Soto

"I just returned from a Vision Mapping/Meditation Retreat with Tracy. It was an amazing experience. Tracy gives you individual one on one attention, while she walks you through the process of how to make the most out of your life, how to create a more prosperous career or whatever else you always imagined for yourself. This Retreat is one thing I have done for myself in 2019 that I feel great about. If you are considering one of her retreats don’t hesitate. Investing in yourself with an amazing coach by your side to help you reach your goals is priceless.. Thank You Tracy!!"

Patricia Parker

Ready to jump off the hamster wheel of 2020 and create a workable success plan for 2021?

If you live and work in a place of overwhelm, and dream of doing and being MORE, you will want to catch this interactive 90-minute virtual workshop. Let go of those limiting beliefs: get ready to dig deep and do the work to live your best year (or first quarter 2021) yet.

This workshop takes place Wednesday, December 2 via an interactive Zoom Workshop. I will walk you through a proven system of turning visions into focus which brings about freedom and prosperity. 🤩

It is so easy to lose focus and to sabotage potential success. My Vision Mapping Framework has worked for hundreds of those looking to achieve results in their businesses and lives. The breakthroughs I have witnessed are powerful testimonials that it works!

In order to grow in business and life actions are necessary. How do you take action without a clear idea of where you are going? With focus and clarity, it is easy to stay the course, live in calmness, and grab potential opportunities.

This workshop is designed for you to gain clarity, create your plan, and live your best year yet! Ready to welcome in 2021 as your best year?

Now is the time to invest in tools for growth, freedom, and prosperity.



Location: Live Zoom Meeting. You will be sent the link once you pay for the workshop and added to the Forge Your Path Private Facebook Group. Watch for notification on Facebook. 

Times & Dates: Wednesday, December 2, 2020, at 4p Alaska Time Zone / 5p Pacific Time Zone (tip to figure out your time difference, go to Google and type Anchorage, Alaska Time it will convert for your time zone).

Calendar: Ninety minutes for the workshop. 

What You Need:  Supplies that inspire you & get your creative juices flowing! Examples: Easel Paper, colored markers, pens, pencils, different size sticky papers, scissors, glue, stickers, an open mind, fun music, coffee, or tea!

Come ready to interact.  The more interaction, the more you will get done & the quicker your goals will become your reality!

*Replays available if you can not attend live however it's encouraged that you block the time to join LIVE for best results. AND...there will be a giveaway or two if you are LIVE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

🔸Tracy Roesch Williams is a Certified Professional Coach working on Master Coaching and becoming a member of the International Federation of Coaching. My Specialties: I use my Vision Mapping Framework to help Women Entrepreneurs and Women looking to unblock anything that is standing in the way of growth. The framework breaks things down into doable actions that create clarity and calmness for growth and transformation to occur.

Clients include (and are not limited to), real estate professionals, bookkeepers, in-home care providers, photography associations, brick and mortar businesses, MLM organizations, writers, speakers, health coaches, restaurants, yoga practices, marketing companies, graphic designers, videographers, insurance companies and more!

🔸The Process: We will work together to design your Vision Map. The map is essentially a detailed written out visual plan with checks and balances to ensure that you and your team are intentional when aiming for the results. There are five stages of the framework. Once completed, your Vision Map can be used on an ongoing basis to achieve all your goals. The process is meant to allow you to work on your business to create growth and profits. Calmness plays a large factor in getting the overall results and I will give you tools that you can use in business and in life for calming and clarity.

🔸Clients have noticed: Calmness, confidence, the addition of accountability for achieving big and small goals, increased revenue (one client increased by 50% in one year), clearer focus on the business, they are healthier, and have an overall sense of accomplishment.

🔸Background: Founder of Visions to Profits Women's Success Membership, Top Sales and Marketing Executive for 2 Radio Stations in Anchorage, Alaska. Development Director for Anchorage Downtown Partnership. Top Real Estate Professional. Owner of 2 Successful businesses over the past 18 years including Social Media/Marketing Company.

If you have visions, dreams, and goals that you want to achieve and you have no idea where to start, this is for you.  If you have been thinking about a new business, this is for you. If you are wanting to grow your current business and have no idea how to get growing, this is for you.  If you are overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks of running your business and have no idea how to get your marketing done, or your bookkeeping, or step into your goals, this is for you!

It's a surprise and I can tell you I have been known to give away Alaska Tracy's Vision Journal, free one-on-one consulting sessions,  and MORE! p.s. my background is 23 years of marketing so I may have tips and tools for your marketing!



One Time

  • 1 Ninety-minute LIVE interactive Zoom Session Guided by Alaska Tracy 
  • Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020, at 4p AKST / 8p EST / 5p PST 
  • Private interactive Facebook Group Join early and start networking and there may be some fun tools for you to start using!
  • Leave the workshop with First Quarter or full-year 2021 plan completed. 
  • Surprise Bonuses!

🔺VALUED AT: $297

🔺YOU PAY: $47

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Tracy is VERY talented in this work. I think one of the things that makes her so good at it is her great energy - really positive and authentic. She is so positive but also "real." Another great thing about her approach to the work she does is that instead of spoon feeding you answers, she facilitates a process to help you have aha moments and figure out the answers that will work for you!!! I'm excited to join her Visions to Profits group! ~ Amanda M


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