Business Mastery is for you if you are someone who is... 

...therapists, coaches or those in the wellness space in private practice (or looking to launch your practice) wanting business simplification and growth

...craving a long-lasting thriving business

...wanting to do what you love and delegate the rest

...willing to make a commitment to reach your desired outcome(s)

...willing to take new actions to achieve different results

...willing to be accountable

... desire to design a lifestyle with more free time

...ready to charge what you are worth

... willing to let go of overwhelm and stress

Welcome to Business Mastery


A 6-month business foundational growth program tailored for Therapists and Wellness Coaches ready to grow and or launch private practice and create a sustainable business without burnout.


Business Mastery will teach you the things they left out in college about being your own boss.


Business Mastery Course and Topics

  • Ins and outs of business setup (systems)

  • Monthly business training - example of topics, profit & loss, business licensing, marketing, planning, client growth, delegating,  and more according to your needs 

  • Marketing - Social Media

  • Marketing - Organic

  • Detailed 6-Month Plan (that you create using a proven framework)

  • Monthly 1-1 Coaching

  • Tracking tools for profits

  • Worksheets for all monthly courses

  • Support available for accountability and forward momentum

  • Bonus Group Coaching


Imagine what your life will be when...


  • You are sleeping (no longer waking thinking of ALL you have to do)

  • You see RESULTS because you operate with an action plan 

  • You have accountability to grow and thrive in business and life

  • You've created a design for alignment and strategies that  increase your revenue

  • You make decisions from a place of ease

  • You're doing what you love

  • You've delegated  those tasks that wear you down

  • You have more free time to spend with loved ones

  • You have a connection of resources (no longer feel so alone in business)

  • You feel confident and in control

Business Mastery will be your BLUEPRINT for all of this and more!


"The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action." ~ A. Graham Bell

Results from past clients...

✔ Increased Revenue by over 50% in one year

✔ Clarity and scaleable business

✔ Calmness

✔ Confidence

✔ Reach and exceed goals

✔ Delegated for growth

✔ Doing more of what they love

✔ Grew business and started 2 more


Snapshot Inside Your Next 6 Months 


Month 1: Clarity

Work closely with Tracy as she guides you through her Vision Mapping Framework to create your 6-month detailed plan.


Month 2: Align 

Start implementing actions from your Vision Map to design business systems for simplification.


Month 3: Marketing

Learn how to market, nurture and grow your network.


Month 4: Mindset 

Tools for you to keep your head in the game ie; stay the course. This will be a month filled with breaking through limiting beliefs.


Month 5: Delegation 

Gain skills for delegating and developing a referral network as your business thrives.


Month 6: Business Mastery

Tools for continued growth and forward momentum. Tracking sheets, accountability tools, and more!

You will graduate with a strong sustainable business that provides you with fulfillment, income, and joy.


*Bonus ~ Private Facebook Group

*Bonus ~ Private Membership Site

*Bonus ~ Tracy is available via What's App or Text within 24 hours if you hit an obstacle

*Bonus ~ Group Coaching (if all clients agree to meet) 



What Tracy's clients have to say...💛

"I am about ready to launch my life dream and Tracy has been a huge part of getting me through roadblocks, clarifying my vision, and identifying my resources. I highly recommend her."

- Katie B.


"Working with Tracy as a coach, I learned that I am worth it and ways to increase my free time. I feel energized and more confident." ~ Annie P.

Business Training, Coaching, Consulting, proven tools, and tons of support for you to lean in to and grow your sustainable, profitable private practice!

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Meet Your Coach, Tracy Roesch Williams ~

Hello, I am glad you are here! With over 22 years of entrepreneurship, I know business overwhelm!

I was a new entrepreneur and spending so much time working in the business, I didn’t have time to grow the business and still wasn’t making ANY money… it was SO heartbreaking.

My purpose and passion for serving people and witnessing transformations kept me going.

At some point, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep going if I didn’t start making a profit. 

So, I learned everything I could about getting crystal clear on systems and strategies to let go of fear.

I started delegating tasks and hired a coach to help me get laser-focused.  My goal; a rewarding, and profitable business!

I began to feel joy and confidence as an entrepreneur!  

Through my business journey, I discovered how to use my unique superpowers to encourage therapists, and those in private wellness practices to do the same.

My courses, speaking engagements, and 1-1 coaching/consultant business have grown!

I am profitable and able to give back through volunteering my time. 

What’s most exciting is that my clients are growing businesses that they enjoy. They feel more in control and confident of their business, life, and destiny

Therapists in private practice, are needed in this world now more than ever.

Let’s design your sustainable, successful business!  xo ~ Tracy 🥰

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