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Episode #60 ~ Take Your Business Online with Eric Schwartzman

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

If you are looking to move your business online, struggling to get the ball rolling, or you’re ready for some next steps you can use right away? Listen to the success story about a man whose business has taken him from Hollywood to Microsoft to backstage at the Grammys.

 Eric Schwartzman, Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Digital Marketing Extraordinaire shares all about his new book, The Digital Pivot - Secrets of Online Marketing, and gives us a peek into his successful career. From his film school beginnings, Eric shares his experience of discovering his calling as a Marketer, how he was able to grow multiple businesses and how he became an authority in the marketing world. Eric walks us through how he wrote his first book, and why writing & publishing the second one was much different the next time around.

 Helping small businesses find success online is what Eric is all about. He generously shares some of the secrets he used to help many online businesses, as well as his own, such as using sequencing to accelerate your business and when & why you should outsource the work you do. You can hear all that and more in the episode, but you’ll get every secret from his book:

 The Digital Pivot - Secrets of Online Marketing is the perfect book for the general business owner who’s ready or currently working on moving their business online. This book offers a “full overview” with clear explanations and hands-on strategies you can use immediately. You can hear a few of those strategies right here! Check the timestamps below. 

 Eric is truly an inspiration, and it was an honor speaking with him. In just 32 minutes together I learned more than I thought possible about finding success online. 

 To learn more, visit his website at and grab his book at


1:29 Eric’s Journey to Authorship

4:25 Frustrations from the First Book

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