You've Heard of a Vision Board?

How About a Vision Map?



A Vision Board can be a fun tool to envision things in life that we would like and often they become realities. A Vision Map however, is a REAL way for creating your intentional written plan for success.


How many times have you created a plan or a Vision Board only stop looking at it a few months later?  Or realize that you look at your board and have no clue how to get to the desired result? Eventually, you may become frustrated and disregard the board altogether. 

My Vision Mapping System was designed for real results with real attainable goals and actions to reach or exceed the goals. You do the work for gaining clarity and intention for each goal so you know how to get there and if that goal is heart-centered.


How many times have you made your goal so HUGE only to get frustrated later on and feel guilty because you didn't come close to reaching it? Why do we do this to ourselves? We can readjust the goal once we hit a smaller goal first. We can allow ourselves to celebrate small victories along the way.

Take your word of the year and put it in the center of your Vision Map. Now when you decide on your goals, ask yourself if they align with your word(s) of the year. If not, why are you seeking those goals? When you are aligned, your chances of reaching or exceeding your goals will become doable.  When not aligned you may feel like you are clunking along in all directions and not going anywhere.

This system is a visually written plan with actions, accountability, and success tracking. It serves as your compass for moving forward especially when life’s obstacles appear.

Now for the strategic action steps necessary to reach your goal(s).  Get specific with dates, times, and the who, what, when, where, and how to get to each goal. Actions need to be as detailed as possible. The more details, the better chance you have of taking these actions. 

Think about measuring your forward movement each week or month. Celebrate the small accomplishments along the way. Ideas, take a day off, buy a coffee or flowers, do something fun, pamper yourself!  When you celebrate you take the time to see your progression. 


Being accountable to a coach or accountability group raises your success rate even higher! So who are you going to be accountable to? Someone outside your home and office is best. Someone, not ‘vested’ in you that can help you to keep moving forward especially on those days you don’t want to!

I have witnessed beautiful results from clients on their Vision Mapping Journey. What happens along the way is often said to be transformational.

When fear arises, which is essentially what had blocked you from moving forward, you are able to use your Vision Map and the tools on it to keep moving forward through the fears. 

Once you face the fear (or acknowledge it), the transformation can begin! 

This system works 100% of the time when completed. That being said, often the results are beyond one’s wildest dreams. An example: I worked with a management team . . . taking them through the Vision Mapping System. We worked on their Vision Map for 4 weeks.  Eight months later they are number one in their industry throughout the country!

It is proven that when you take a Vision (goal), put it on paper, and line out the steps to get there, the chances of reaching that vision are 98% higher than only thinking about the vision.  A mind-shift happens when writing, discussing with another person and then being held accountable. I have seen it work in my life and others over and over. It is thrilling to watch people’s lives and businesses change!

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