Women's Business Rejuvenation Retreat

June 7-9, 2019
Vision Mapping Weekend With Alaska Tracy

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Everyone dreams, but not everyone makes those dreams their reality.

Vision Mapping Retreat in Seldovia with Alaska Tracy


Tentative Schedule for the Weekend

Depending on the weather, the itinerary could fluctuate.

Friday, June 7

We will all meet in Homer, Alaska at Mako's Water Taxi office at 5pm. It takes roughly 4 hours to drive from Anchorage to Homer.  Ravn Air has 40 minute flights from Anchorage to Homer as well. If driving allow time for traffic delays.  We will gather at Mako's office and then be taken by boat to Across the Bay
Tent and Breakfast Adventure Company . It is about a 40-50 minute ride over depending on the weather. There are FREE weekend parking spaces available and located near Mako's office.  Read the signs when parking to avoid getting a ticket. 

Once at Across the Bay we will have our introduction and find our tent and or cabin.  Then we 'Meet and Greet' with a wonderful Dessert. A Guided Meditation and mingle time.

Saturday, June 8

7am - Up and at it for Meditation with Intention
8/8:30am - Breakfast
10/10:30am - Vision Board Creation
1pm Weather permitting kayaking with lunch
TBT - Vision Board Creation, Dinner and mingle.

Sunday, June 9

7am - Up and at it for Guided Meditation
8/8:30a - Delicious Breakfast
9:30am - Vision Board Creation
12/1pm - Delicious Lunch
Wrap up and bon voyage! Mako will take us back to Homer between 3 and 3:30pm
Note - Reentry after this retreat is important ie; take your time easing back in to business and life. A suggestion, book a room in Homer (or near Homer) for Sunday night and take a nice slow drive back to Anchorage Monday (or flight). Schedule a light week to take it all in.  We do a LOT of work on this weekend rejuvenation retreat!!!

Why This is the Retreat for You

Sometimes it’s fear, maybe the uncertainty of what to do next, or a person could think it’s anything but possible. What these dreamers don’t know about is the key element, which is necessary if you want to bring your ideas and aspirations into your day-to-day life. That key element is creating a plan to get from point A to point B.  A plan with actions, accountability and measuring to see if the plan is bringing you closer or further from your goals.

As a business owner for the past 20 years, I have been the ‘dreamer’.  I have drempt it, thought about the dream, and watched others make that same dream a reality.  I have been that person that was ‘busy’ and had no clue where to start to make the dream a reality. What I found throughout the years that has worked over and over and over is hiring someone to help me, a coach, then digging deep to understand and be able to move through what is blocking me from reaching the goal.  Then outlining the actions to get to the goal.

Out of my struggles, a system for getting results was created.  I call it the Vision Mapping / Meditation Method.

In the last 3 years, I have shared this method in workshops, retreats and one on one coaching.  I have helped guide people to create the map, and experience business and life changing transformations.

The retreat holds space for an intimate group of 10 women and is located in an off the grid, majestical Alaska location, Seldovia.  This locations is meant to offer the most detachment to allow real live sharing, writing, clarity and moments of beauty to create your 12 month growth map.  You will be encouraged to look deep within to explore your Visions in business and life.

This is the 2nd annual Women's Rejuvenation Retreat.  Located at Across the Bay Tent and Breakfast in remote Seldovia, Alaska. Seldovia is one of Alaska’s most beautifully majestic seaside towns.  Your Retreat serves as a stress-related escape and soul-searching experience, all in one place. If you're ready to turn your goals and visions into reality, and make 2019 your best year, this is the Retreat for you!  

In order to make this retreat effective, productive, and personal, it is limited to10 amazing women. This exclusive Retreat is perfectly catered toward those who are looking to take their ideas, visions, and goals and make them a reality. We will go deep into writing, meditating, and even more writing. Discover your mantra, hidden goals, and effective action steps. Your work will help free you from what has been holding you back from living your best life. Get ready to stare your fears and doubts in the face.

With this majestic setting, amazing group of women, facilitated vision mapping and meditation, delicious prepared food, invigorating air, kayaking in the ocean, and more your wildest visions can finally come to life!

My business mantra is Intentional Life and Business Planning, guiding organizations to achieve greatness!

The Price includes:

*Mako Water Taxi to From Homer to Seldovia

*Dessert Friday, Delicious prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Water, tea and coffee. (PLEASE Advise in advance if you have any Food Allergies so the chef can make appropriate accommodations).

*Supplies for Your Vision Map

*Facilitation for completion of your Vision Map

*Fun Swag Bag

*Delightful bonding with like-minded Women

You will be supplied the necessary drawing utensils needed to bring your Vision Map to life and if you have favorites that you like to create with you are welcome to bring them along.

Guide of What to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag and blanket
  • Large garbage bag to keep things dry in case of rain
  • 11 in x 14 inch notebook
  • Any extra goodies or special foods if you have allergies.
    Meals, snacks, coffee and tea provided.
  • You are welcome to bring wine or alcohol beverage as well.
  • Casual, comfy clothing suitable for spending time workshopping in cabins and tents.
    Layers are best to stay warm and toasty.
  • Sunscreen, bug repellent, a hat, if you have dry gear for kayaking, hat, gloves.
  • Toiletries, including a towel (there are warm water showers available).
  • You are required to carry everything you bring to and from the remote location.  
    Remember that when packing. Less is best.



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