Hi there, I am Tracy Roesch Williams. You can call me Alaska Tracy. 

When I was 32 years old and freshly divorced, I began to reevaluate my life. I had a great job, was making great money but I wasn’t satisfied. I decided that I wanted to chase my passion of owning a business.  People thought I was crazy for leaving something that was so safe and secure but I decided to do it anyways! I felt like I could not go on one more day doing something that did not fill me up. 

When I look back through my life every time I have taken a leap of faith and listened to my heart I was actually using Vision Mapping as my guide.  Even as a child, I had visions of living in the woods. I carried the vision with me into my future. I prayed on it and meditated on it and fast forward to today, my husband, dogs and I live in a log cabin in the woods. I actually manifested my reality!

Creating a life by design over the last 20 years has taken faith, meditation, many mentors, mindset, putting systems in place to help me work smarter not harder, hiring those to help me in the areas I am weak, movement in nature, and surrounding myself with those that I can continually learn from. These have been the keys to my success.  

I could share with you all my achievements and accolades, instead I want you to know that if you are overwhelmed, stuck, depressed, unsure how to create systems and models in business and life to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, I can relate! I have been exactly where you are and I want to share with you how Vision Mapping and accountability have been instrumental in living a life rich with purpose. I get to watch others shift their mindset and achieve amazing successes! I LOVE getting to witness miracles and can’t wait to watch yours!


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