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Looking for Accountability, Clarity & Prosperity?

You're in the right place! I'm Alaska Tracy and I create space for women just like you who desire support and accountability to move forward and achieve your goals.

Accountability Awaits YOU!

Your dreams have been answered by finding a guided success pathway to reach all the goals that have been swirling around in your head for so long!

You started a business to set your own hours, create more freedom in your life and spend more time with those you love. 

Instead you are operating in overwhelm.  You cut and paste ‘to dos’ each day on your calendar.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done and your bank account is not where you’d like it to be.

You wonder if it’s ever possible to let go of the to-do list guilt you seem to always have.  You wonder if feeling calm and peaceful in your business is something that is really possible.


  • You could feel a sense of accomplishment in your business 

  • You could share challenges with other women in business that 'get it' 

  • You had a group (and or accountability buddy) to be accountable to 

  • You had less guilt and more quality time with loved ones

  • Your bank account soared (in a positive direction)


    Introducing Visions to Profits Women's Membership Community. Together we will tailor a success pathway so that you are living in flow and harmony. This success pathway includes tools for clarity, calmness, and actions to achieve your new way of life!
Start Getting Supported Today!

Experience the Results

☑️ Increased Revenue ☑️ Calmness ☑️ Goals Achieved ☑️ More free time ☑️ A feeling of Accomplishment ☑️ Confidence ☑️Focus and Clarity

"The introduction to meditation has changed my life!"  ~ Jackie💁‍♀️

"I knew I was ready for something to change and I came across Alaska Tracy's Vision Mapping Retreat. At the last minute I hit BUY! This weekend Vision Mapping Women’s Rejuvenation retreat was the beginning of a mind shift for me that started the ball of change and growth rolling for me. That was June, 2018. My business increased revenue one year to date by 50%!"

Jennifer M

Here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to move forward!

I have been in this same situation as you and that is why I created this membership. To help you actually get to your desired results.

I will guide you as we break things down into small chunks to get to your desired results. There is a power that happens when a group of positive individuals come together to help each other grow and succeed.

I am ready for RESULTS!

"RESULTS FROM HAPPY CLIENTS Get inspired… this could be you!🙆‍♀️ “I went to Tracy's Vision Mapping Retreat in Seldovia this past June and WOW what an experience!! Her workshop was insightful and practical for my personal life and business life. Not to mention, I walked away with some amazing new soul sisters all traveling on the same journey! Can't thank Tracy enough. Don't hesitate if you get the opportunity to attend a vision mapping workshop or retreat put on by Alaska Tracy! "

Gabby R

Membership Goodness:

  • Success Struggle Strategy Call Monthly interview with a business owner that will share their struggles, and challenges and how they overcame them to get their success today.
  • 5 Stages of the Success Pathway Guidance for you to hit each milestone in the form of live Q and As, resources, online workshops and more.

  • Monthly Group Coaching 3x per month live online coaching.

    Private Facebook Community Access to a private Visions to Profits Facebook Group available for the life of your membership.  

    Bonus Guided Meditations - Meditations delivered throughout the month, from Alaska Tracy and Guests. 

  • JOIN Today and get a 60 minute session with Alaska Tracy to jump start your pathway to success!
I want IN!

A Sample Month in Visions to Profits

This membership is built around my signature 5-stage Relief Success Map! We'll dig deep into your business and life in the following areas: Business GPS, Compass to Clarity, Navigational Actions, Accountability, and SUCCESS.

5 Stages of Your Success Path

Your Journey from Visions to Profits will look like: First we are going to set your Business GPS, then we are going to get your Compass aligned to give you complete Clarity, then we are going to take some Navigational Actions to get you on the right path, some Accountability to stay the course, and then YOU will be a Trailblazer!

Each month features a theme to help us focus our mindset, a biography and introduction to our monthly guest speaker, and a chance to submit questions for Tracy’s live interview with them. Each week will include actionable, simple content to help you achieve your goals restfully!

Within Each month:  
  • Week 1: Interview with successful business owner. You will receive a biography and info on the business owner one month prior to interview. You can submit questions that you would like me to ask this person. I will interview and provide within the group the recorded interview. We’ll talk about how they started their business, the obstacles they faced and how they overcame adversity to reach their goals. 
  • Week 2: Download a new printable worksheet to dig deep into your Success Path and clarify your goals.
  • Week 3: Podcast episode or Video from Alaska Tracy specifically designed for the membership. I will walk you through a short exercise and guide you through a mindset shift.
  • Week 4: Alaska Tracy’s ‘office hours’.  One day out of week 4 I will be available via Zoom (link sent out one week prior) for 2 hours to group coach and answer any questions you have regarding your success path.
  • Bonus Guided Meditations from Alaska Tracy and featured Guests that have practiced and currently teach meditation.
  • Now is the time to create the business and life you desire!





  • Weekly Group Coaching / Accountability Meetings Value: $2027
  • Personalized Membership Portal with monthly growth content and goodness Value: $597
  • Access to Private Facebook Community Value: $1297
  • 2 Sixty Minute One on One Coaching Sessions Value: $327
  • Success Interviews, expert guests, podcasts, and guided meditations Value: $1350


YOU PAY -  $492 USD for Full Year

Save $72 USD with Annual Membership!




  • Weekly Group Coaching / Accountability Meetings VALUE: $2027
  • Personalized Membership Portal with monthly growth content and goodness VALUE: $597
  • Access to Private Facebook Community VALUE: $1297
  • Success Interviews, expert guests, podcasts and guided meditations VALUE: $1350

TOTAL VALUE - $5271 


Cancel anytime! 30 days notice required.



Hi there, I am Tracy Roesch Williams. You can call me Alaska Tracy. 

When I was 32 years old and freshly divorced, I began to reevaluate my life. I had a great job, was making great money but I wasn’t satisfied. I decided that I wanted to chase my passion of owning a business.  People thought I was crazy for leaving something that was so safe and secure but I decided to do it anyways! I felt like I could not go on one more day doing something that did not fill me up. 

When I look back through my life every time I have taken a leap of faith and listened to my heart I was actually using Vision Mapping as my guide.  Even as a child, I had visions of living in the woods. I carried the vision with me into my future. I prayed on it and meditated on it and fast forward to today, my husband, dogs and I live in a log cabin in the woods. I actually manifested my reality!

Creating a life by design over the last 20 years has taken faith, meditation, many mentors, mindset, putting systems in place to help me work smarter not harder, hiring those to help me in the areas I am weak, movement in nature, and surrounding myself with those that I can continually learn from. These have been the keys to my success.  

I could share with you all my achievements and accolades, instead I want you to know that if you are overwhelmed, stuck, depressed, unsure how to create systems and models in business and life to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, I can relate! I have been exactly where you are and I want to share with you how Vision Mapping and accountability have been instrumental to living a life rich with purpose. I get to watch others shift their mindset and achieve amazing successes! I LOVE getting to witness miracles and can’t wait to watch yours!

Yes! I'm Ready to Stop Standing in my OWN Way!


What if I have 10 different growth ideas?

We will spend time breaking them into bite size chunks and aligning your head to your heart to be certain each growth idea is in alignment.

How much time should I allow for this membership?

Ideally the amount of time you put into this membership, you will get back in growth rewards.  A suggestion, schedule time 5 days a week to pop into the group and offer feedback, comments, suggestions, interactions with others (5-15 minutes), schedule time to attend monthly office hours (pop in for a portion of the time), allow an hour a month for the worksheets and to listen to the interviews and podcast, the more you help others, the more success you will have!

Can I really get unstuck, I feel so unmotivated and have tried so many different avenues to help me? 

Yes, this is possible for you.  Work, commitment and participation is the key to making this work.  The more time you put in and the more you are willing to connect and converse with others in the group, the more growth and motivation you will see.  I have seen growth happen very quickly for some and very slowly for others. Mindset is key and we will talk about ways to shift your mindset throughout the year!

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?

For the annual membership fee you can transfer your membership to another person (you know)  if you find you are unable to complete the year or for any other reason. This is the only refund possibility.  For the month to month fee you can cancel with a written 30 day notice.

Now is the time!!!!

Life is so very precious and so very short.  I want to share how you can shift your mindset, take actions, make a host of new friends that will help hold you accountable to live a life beyond your wildest dreams! If you have read this far and you are still on the fence, I ask you, are you willing to do the work, trust the process and to believe that you are worthy of awesomeness? If yes LET’s DO THIS!
Why wait a second longer? Make the Inward Investment now!



  • Access to Private Facebook Community 
  • Visions to Profits Relief Map
  • Downloadable worksheets, delivered monthly
  • Monthly Office Hours for duration of membership
  • Helpful Interviews, Podcasts, and Guided Meditations


Save $214 USD with Annual Membership!


I'm Committed to my Full Transformation!


  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Visions to Profits Relief Map
  • Downloadable worksheets, delivered monthly
  • Monthly Office Hours for duration of membership
  • Helpful Interviews, Podcasts, and Guided Meditations


Cancel anytime! 30 days notice required.


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