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I am a Certified Professional Coach (soon to be a Master Coach) and a member of the International Coaching Federation  Together we work through obstacles that may have been blocking you from moving forward. My passion is witnessing transformations of growth, freedom, and happiness.

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Join a group of like-minded women that are growing their businesses and lives. Create your Success Map in the quarterly Vision Mapping Workshops. Stay accountable with Focus Forward weekly meetings, monthly group coaching, and MORE! This community of women get things done and have fun along the way.

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One of the biggest obstacles I hear over and over from business owners, 'how can I do it all especially marketing, it stumps me!' Here are simple tools to download and implement today! p.s. they WORK!

Client Experience ⤵️⤵️⤵️

"There is not enough that I can say about Tracy and the dedication she puts in with helping her clients. I hired Tracy last year to help myself and my business partner get to a place of clarity in our vision for our business. I had no idea how to do a vision board and only knew of the pictures on a cork board style but had never done one. THAT is what I thought we would be doing but THAT is NOT at all what we did. Alaska Tracy helped us find out vision through a very specific writing process that focused on the individual steps we need to get clear on and dig deep into in order to know exactly what we need to get our business off the ground. We are still working with her and plan to continue for a while to come. She is an exceptional business coach and guide with sincerity in wanting to see us succeed. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, especially someone looking to find a path of clarity and vision."

Leigh Ann Page

"I went to Tracy's Vision Mapping Retreat in Seldovia June, 2018 and WOW what an experience!! Her workshop was insightful and practical for my personal life and business life. Not to mention, I walked away with some amazing new soul sisters all traveling on the same journey! Can't thank Tracy enough ❤️ Don't hesitate if you get the opportunity to attend a vision mapping workshop or retreat put on by Alaska Tracy!"

Gabby Rifman

"I just returned from a Vision Mapping Retreat with Tracy. It was an amazing experience. Tracy gives you individual one on one attention, while she walks you through the process of how to make the most out of your life, how to create a more prosperous career or whatever else you always imagined for yourself. This Retreat is one thing I have done for myself in 2019 that I feel great about. If you are considering one of her retreats don’t hesitate. Investing in yourself with an amazing coach by your side to help you reach your goals is priceless.. Thank You Tracy!!!"

Patricia Parker

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