Women's Quarterly Biz /Life 
Planning Workshop

Being a Business Owner ought to be fun!

With an intentional, realistic plan
you're sure to stay moving forward,
motivated, and
reach or exceed
your desires
like never before.


Don't have a business, yet have visions swirling through your head and no clue how to get started to experience living them? Ready for a life filled with calmness, focus, peace, and prosperity?


You will discover how too... 

Turn those Visions into Realities! Create a workable, clear plan that will serve as your 4th Quarter Success Roadmap! This workshop will provide you the necessary tools as well as oodles of FUN throughout the process.

Increased Business


YOU'RE earning what you are worth and your bank account reflects it! You feel empowered and focused. You have a clear mission and tools for moving forward when life's obstacles appear.



YOU see positive outcomes and accomplishments in your business and they enrich all aspects of your life.

Recognize Your Value


YOU create offerings, products, and or services empowering others inside and outside of your business. You feel a sense of purpose and people easily invest in you.

Enriched Your Life


YOURSELF designing a solid foundation filled with balance and tranquility. You have a toolkit packed with tools for your continued growth. Your life is calming and peaceful. 


More Confident


YOU'RE operating from a solid success belief because your actions match your desires. Imagine the impact that will have on you AND your family!

Create Boundaries


YOU easily say no to those people and things that no longer serve you. You realize your life is filled up with positive successful people that you enjoy. 


Here is the thing... this workshop is for those who are ready and tired of things not working...


Throughout the years of offering this virtual workshop, the women often feel a strong connection to others in the group, a deep and hopeful feeling of new and exciting possibilities, and a newfound focus. 

This Workshop is life-changing. How do I know this? Because I have witnessed other's lives, as well as my own, grow, succeed and become enriched in miraculous ways!


Can YOU relate?

Do you wake at night or struggle sleeping thinking about all you have on your plate and no clue how you're going to get it all done?

You sit down with an idea of what you want to get done and day after day you wonder how you got distracted?

or how about.....

• YOU lack focus
• YOU have no clear pathway and no follow-through
• YOU jump around from idea to idea starting and restarting things
• YOU are exhausted
• YOU are living off of credit
• YOU break commitments

  • YOU aren't having fun
  • YOU say one thing and do another
  • YOU are so busy working in the business you have no time to work on the business or vise-versa 
  • YOU are down on yourself
  • YOU watch other's succeeding and wonder how they seem to do it so effortlessly 



Have you ever planned out your goals for the year and then...

You get busy. You feel overwhelmed. You push those goals to the side. Before you know it, halfway through the year is gone. You feel sad you have neglected those goals.

This workshop will help you design your roadmap to success with essential actions in place to STAY on course.

It's so easy to justify lack of time and money and yet...

With a detailed written plan, you can let go of those justifications. You can feel good about your pursuit of those visions and goals you have had within you! You can make them your reality!

My head told me to stay put in that career with benefits, a good paycheck, stability, and my heart was conflicted daily. My close friends and family told me to stay put and questioned my wanting to start a business. Corporate colleagues laughed at my idea to venture out on my own.

Guess what, they fueled the fire deep within. Once I connected to someone that helped me write out my plan, ALL bets were off! That was 20 years ago and three businesses.  Who's laughing now?!

In this workshop, I will guide you in the development of creating your plan using my Vision Mapping Framework. It is an honor to share my obstacles and tools so that you can avoid them! You can stop wasting precious time and begin living a more fulfilling rewarding life!

This workshop has given participants the tools for taking Visions, Dreams, Goals that are hidden deep within and embracing opportunities. Women have pursued hobbies, passions, careers, businesses, new business growth, and SO much MORE!

Information, Please!


Your Instructor


I'm Tracy! Owner of Alaska Tracy, Executive Life Coach & Business Consultant.

I was miserable in a corporate job, making tons of money and wondering why I was doing what I was doing. Does this sound familiar?

I was willing to do whatever it took to live a life that felt uplifting and purposeful.  Through the help of mentors, I wrote a business plan and started that very 1st business over 20 years ago.  Three businesses later, I get to live a life beyond my wildest dreams and I want to help you do the same!

Writing that first plan was one of the most painful things I have ever done (besides running a few 26.2 marathons). I was single at the time with a brand new mortgage. FEAR would seep in and paralyze my every fiber. I would lean into my mentors and they would encourage me to take action. I succeeded! When actions are taken, fear takes a back seat!

My Vision Mapping Framework is to help others (yourself) live a life filled with clarity, joy, and prosperity.

Hundreds of people just like you have taken the Vision Mapping Framework steps and transformed their lives.

You never have to feel alone and all over the 'map' again!

Join an amazing group of growth-minded women for this action-filled virtual workshop and start living the life you desire!

Minimal Investment with amazing benefit if you will do the work...

Can you see your business and life with...


Increase Sales

Imagine people paying you what you're worth? Imagine your bank account soaring? Imagine being able to have money to help family, friends, those organizations that you are passionate about?


What does success mean to you? Will you take a moment and write down all that comes to mind for you when you imagine living a successful life?

Now, close your eyes and believe YOU can experience success!

Peace of Mind

It's your time! Time to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Time to naturally live in balance, peace, and tranquility

YOU are worth it! πŸ’›

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Helpful Supplies for this Workshop

Think creativity and inspiration! A few things Women have shown up to these workshops with depending on creativity.

Keep in mind no two Vision Maps (Biz/Life Plan) are created alike. They are all beautifully UNIQUE.

Pen & Paper

Please bring or use anything for this workshop that will inspire you to think and plan. That will turn up your creative juices! Markers, pencils, easel paper, different size stickie papers, stickers, and notebooks are some examples.

Snacks & Comfy Look

Let's make this more fun. Bring your favorite beverage (water, coffee, wine). Anything that will give you inspiration for creating. And also wear anything comfortable (hint, hint our guest, Kathe Downs will get you moving).

Quiet Place

Look around your place and find a quiet and imaginative spot that will allow you to think outside the box and be free from distractions. A tip; tell your family that you are doing this workshop and will be unavailable during this time. Shut off your phone and distracting tabs on your computer. The more you can be present and focus the easier it will be to do the work necessary. The end results can be astonishing!!!!


Don't have a business, yet have visions swirling through your head and no clue how to get started to start living them?


This WORKSHOP WILL Work for YOU too!!!

Are You Ready To Experience Your Best LIFE?

If your answer is YES, LET'S DO IT!

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  • When: Saturday, September 25 from 1P - 4P Alaska Time / 2P - 5P PST / 5P - 8P EST
  • Where: Zoom (Interactive with camera and audio on) Once payment is received, you will be emailed the Zoom Workshop link).
  • What: Interactive Zoom Women's Workshop - Coach Tracy will facilitate and guide you through this powerful, enlightening Vision Mapping Framework. You will leave with your written plan.
  • More: Special guest, Wellness Coach, Kathe Downs owner-operator of LX FIT CAMP, be joining and sure to inspire you with added tools, tips, and inspiration for your growth. We will have fun giveaways, terrific conversations, opportunities for growing your network, and a clear-cut action detailed plan for your 4th quarter.
  • Action Sheets provided
  • Facebook Private Community
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What people are saying

Amanda M.

Tracy is VERY talented in this work. I think one of the things that makes her so good at it is her great energy - really positive and authentic.  Another great thing about her approach to the work she does is that instead of spoon-feeding you answers, she facilitates a process to help you have aha moments and figure out the answers that will work for you!

Patricia P.

I have done a few of these workshops/retreats with Tracy before and they really help you get to the core of what your meaning of life isπŸ€”
This is for ANYONE who would like to make a few changes. Want to be happier, or more fulfilled? More at peace? More wealthy? More family time?

Leigh Ann W.

One of the most incredible things about Tracy is she is authentic, real, and motivated to inspire and help others humbly and devotedly.  She opened my eyes immensely to my vision of being in business for myself through her vision mapping process.

"Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied."

- Dale Carnegie -

Frequently Asked Questions


I have attended workshops before and have a hard time keeping the momentum going after. Ideas to help me?

YES! You will be given tools to help you to keep going and take actions to reach/exceed your goals!


Is there additional support?

You will be offered the opportunity to join a Free Vision Mapping closed Facebook Community. You will be offered the opportunity to come as a guest to one of the Ignite Visions to Profits weekly FOFO (Focus Forward) meetings. Action sheets will be provided for you to guide you through the workshop.


I am super shy, will there be group participation?

Not to worry! There are many introverts that attend these workshops and Tracy has a way of helping all to feel included. Tracy guides and facilitates in a way to keep the workshop moving forward and help all to get involved. It's a magical experience! 


Can I have a conversatoin with Tracy to see if this workshoop is for me?

Absolutely! Tracy is happy to have a conversation with you: Email [email protected] to set up a convenient time. 


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