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Hello, I'm Tracy...Executive Life Coach and Business Consultant ... Working together may be a fit for you if ...


 you are overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks within your business 

✅ you are open and willing to take a look at developing new skills for simplification

✅ you are committed to saying yes to broadening your horizons

✅ you are ready to overcome all obstacles standing in your way

✅ you are willing to step into your true potential

✅ you want to increase your income

✅ you want to determine clear attainable actions necessary to achieve your goals

✅ you want to improve systems and organization to free up time and energy

✅ you want to have fun and fall in love with your business again


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When I started in business 22 years ago, with the help of a mentor I was all over the map.

I had trouble focusing, reaching goals, and moving forward.

That led to my very first business plan. One of the most painful and rewarding things I have ever done. 

Today, I get to work with others seeking a life filled with abundance using my Vision Mapping Framework.

This framework helps you to get crystal clear, create a written plan with actions for results and success.

I then work with you as a coach and consultant to help you focus, create accountability, grow your business, and experience joy and freedom! 

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 Work with Executive Life Coach Tracy ⤵️

Business Mastery is for you if you are someone who is... 

...a therapist in private practice (or looking to launch your practice) wanting business simplification and growth

...craving a long-lasting thriving business

...wanting to do what you love and delegate the rest

...willing to make a commitment to reach your desired outcome(s)

... ready to take new actions to achieve different results

...committed to accountability

... desire to design a lifestyle with more free time

...ready to charge what you are worth

... willing to let go of overwhelm and stress



Executive Life Coaching

One-on-One Coaching can provide: 

  • Empowering and encouraging you to take action and responsibility. 

  • Increasing employee and staff engagement and productivity. 

  • Improving your performance and growth. 

  • Reaching and or exceeding goals.

  • Achieving life-work balance.

  • Uncovering and discovering obstacles that may be keeping you stuck and allowing forward momentum.

  • New freedom, calmness, and prosperity. 

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Patricia P.

"Tracy gives you individual one-on-one attention, while walking you through the process of how to make the most out of your life, how to create a prosperous business or career and whatever else you have always imagined for yourself. Investing in Tracy is priceless!  She will help you to reach and succeed in your goals!


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